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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

final preps

August 24th, 2007 (09:01 pm)

current mood: recumbent

Rent car and food/bottled water are in place. No ice because the water bottles won't fit in our mini cooler. That's okay. Water is water.

Eiri and Shuichi are dressed, including sunglasses with makeshift whatever they are called when you wear your glasses on a string around your neck until you need them. Eiri is being forced to wear black, grey and white striped socks - hee. Both are commando and if Shu's elastic shorts slip off his hips, oops! *laughs* I know Eiri will 'hate' that. They are wearing aloha-style shirts, unbuttoned and casual pants. Such slackers. I love it when Eiri is casual - he's more relaxed that way.

Now, to pack a small bag and get the camera ready.

Then, off to bed so we can get up between 3 and 4 am to start the LONNNNNGGGGGGG day tomorrow.