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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

clothing, craft stores, akon - oh my!

May 27th, 2006 (04:40 pm)

current mood: exhausted

Welcome to fyredancer, kuwamiko, littlemanganeko and eidolontree!

Just a quickie before I pass out from exhaustion -

A pair of the Tonner Matt O-Neill tan jeans made it in today and now Hatori has a pair of pants that fit him quite well. His default pants are okay, but the guy is not the hip-hop kind and the pants look a little silly on him when you consider the character.

The Matt pants are interesting because they are lined and they have a tiny zipper with a minute zip pull.

Took Chikara out today. He wanted everything, including the bunny in my Happy Meal. I told him the bunny had already been promised to Shuichi, so he pouted quite a bit. He got over it when we took him to Hobby Lobby and he found a little stuffed cat he liked. He tried on some hats, too. No shoes for him, though. Then we popped over to MJ Designs across the street and he decided the pink ballet slippers were the shoes for him. He found a top hat he liked but I did not get it for him because he does not have anything that would work with it.

In fact, all Chikara has is a satin Chinese jacket. The Dollmore msd suit fits really well, if you don't look at how short the pants are. rat laughed out-right at the ankle skin. Chikara was not amused. I will still use the jacket and the shirt for him occasionally, even though he will not be wearing many traditional/modern Western clothing once I start doing some serious work with him. The current problem is - no pants for the boy. I know HE doesn't have any problem with it, but I know he needs something for the doll meet at a-kon in two weeks.

I tried to make a chiton for him but the two fabrics I tried were too wide and he looked like a big fluff of fabric.

So last night I went out to the hatbox full of American Girl of Today clothes and rooted around it in. Seems I got a few Asian-inspired clothes from a seller I have known at a yearly craft fair. The red pants' waist was too big but the satin black pants were promising.

Yep, they work well, even if Chikara has a bit of a "It's Hammer Time" look to him because of their width. The pants ARE too short, but they still work well with the jacket, so that's his default look for the moment. I was hoping to find black ballet slippers but the pink will have to do for now. His feet get so dirty so quickly so anything is better than nothing.

Eventually, photos of all this will be posted. Right now, I seriously need to have a lie-down...


Posted by: Talya Firedancer (fyredancer)
Posted at: May 27th, 2006 10:47 pm (UTC)
dollfie love

Thanks for having me! XD Have a good lie-down, and I can't wait to see more lovely photos!

Posted by: onnas_baka_gaki (onnas_baka_gaki)
Posted at: May 28th, 2006 02:33 pm (UTC)
Shuichi looks out the window

I am slowly working on the photos. I am just too enthusiastic with my shoots, especially since we got the digital camera. If I am lucky, I can keep a short shoot to 50 or less but I usually run between 75 and 200 shots.

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