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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

more blathering...

August 4th, 2009 (01:26 am)

current mood: cranky

I just ordered and paid for the S Kumi head's body with back magnets and three sets of wings. Oddly, they didn't add any EMS shipping, just the price of the items. I know they'll turn around and ask for more money eventually. I mean - they HAVE to, don't they?

Got my invoice for my tan Wolfram and paid that, too.

I discovered a DoA thread about free fur swatches at http://distinctivefabric.com/. I went out and ordered my five swatches with the idea I'll have some cool and wild furs for Bambi and Wolfram wigs.

I think I know the names for the next two dolls. The tan Wolfram will be Shoyu (soy sauce) and the SKumi will be Sake. That brings them together with Wasabi as a fey threesome. And it's funny how they are an homage to the Dragonball Z food names, too.

I'm still looking for a chibi Vejiita doll. While I like the Luts Bory, I may go Yo-sized with a pouty-faced Slinky Neko doll. However, if Fairyland comes out with a LittleFee cranky-faced doll (especially a tan one) I'd go for that immediately.

Next question is - I'm getting TWO blank dolls and I think I'll do the faceups (in other words - fuck up the faceups...), so what strength reading glasses do I purchase so I can see that close? It's a real pisser - I used to paint 25mm metal figures and I can't see that close anymore. I already have one pair of readers but I don't think they let me see close enough. I'll have to test them when the Kumi head gets here.

I need to get some more fur-toned pencils since my watercolour pencil box doesn't have good brown and grey ranges. I may try some acrylics, too. And get some better brushes for the fine work. I hope to have a fur-fest with the Wolfram face.

Ki's tracking number still shows he's left Customs early Sunday morning. Although tracking has gone belly-up, he should be here in TX at the sorting center by now, ready to be put on the truck to the local post office.