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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

after-con quickie

September 8th, 2009 (07:17 am)

current mood: okay

Had a great (but really tiring) time at the con meeting doll people from different areas of the country this weekend.

Chikara is unhappy he didn't get to go the con proper, only to pick up tickets on Thursday night. I didn't bring him a present, either, though I may be able to calm him down with some of the buttons I purchased.

I took Talon, Sake and Garnet on Friday and Garnet loved all the attention she got for being so cute and pretty.

Saturday I took the four little boys - Talis, Nigel, Chi and Ki, plus Talon because he's small. They were definitely BAD little boys. They were wearing the little Saiyuki buttons I got from the awesome artist xxalicechanxx and they were so cute wearing the buttons while they stood together. Ki was Sanzo, Chi was Goku, Nigel was Hakkai and Talis was Gojyo and the choices matched their personalities. The boys loved losing their buttons and shoes in the baby carrier so I never knew if they'd have all their parts attached when would pull one out to show him off. Then Nigel decided to literally lose his head at the big meetup and I had to carry his head in a cup back down to the dealer's room and borrow some jewelry pliers from Celtic Chrystal to get his tiny s-hook out of his neck and set back into the little groove in his head. This is the third or fourth time Nigel has lost his head. I think I will need to carry some small pliers with me whenever I take him out in the future.

I was pleased I was able to make a resin hookup with two folks. One had a Bambicrony to sell and another wanted to purchase that particular Bambi sculpt and I introduced them to each other at the end of the intro panel. Purchase was made on the spot. Yay!

Sunday I took Shindo and Yuki, with Talon again. The big guys got a few photos taken of them. They're an interesting and striking pair - they have a combo of childlike and mature in both their face sculpts, they have a little more unusual eyes, each is a distinctive resin shade that compliment each other when next to each other, fur wigs that aren't the usual fur types, and lots of other things that make them interesting to shoot, at least for me.

Monday I took Chi and Ki again, partly because they were light and partly because another artist friend wanted to see them. Amelie does art-on-demand quickly, in-colour and has incredible skills to do any character if you give her a reference to look at for less than a minute. She's good at doing yaoi, too. We sit around and talk teaching while she draws my smut and I was VERY lucky to get her last sign-up slot for that day - some people gave up their slots because they didn't want to wait and my ONLY goal on Monday was to wait for a drawing so I was prepared. Eventually she will be moving out of fanart completely so I try to get a Gravi image from her whenever possible, which is VERY difficult at a con. The waiting line is LONG.

While I was waiting for my timeslot to come up, I sat over at xxalicechanxx's booth and had a great talk with her mom and watched xxalicechanxx draw Ki and Chi. Then she gave me the drawings! THANK YOU! I'm running out of wall room. LOL!

It's really crappy that Disney came through and made people pull Kingdom Hearts stuff (someone in the Dealer's Room was selling bootleg keyblades - idiots put the Disney logo on them!) but I'm glad some of the artists made them jump through legal hoops to show proof about distribution rights and such so the Ghibi stuff could be seen again.

Didn't make a lot of the unofficial meetups, some due to the fact they were late at night and we don't stay at the hotel, and Sunday we left quite early because my stomach rebelled on me. I think it was a combo of unhealthy food, arthritis (mine affects my digestive tract among other parts), lack of sleep, medication (I was doing heavy-duty steroid nuking to survive each day) or even a flu (which seemed to be going around) but getting home early to be sick and resting really helped. Wore a back brace to help, too, and it did! I hurt today, but not as bad I could be hurting.

Time to cut back on the steroids and get back to normal med intake. And get back to work and school.

I need a nap...


Posted by: lawless (lawless523)
Posted at: September 8th, 2009 01:08 pm (UTC)
eiri and shuichi - bitterfig

Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Go nap, Onna.

Got a new icon my daughter made (I don't have the patience or experience to use the scanner and Photoshop) from artwork of Eiri and Shuichi I received from bitterfig when she was winnowing things in her apartment in preparation for moving back East. I really adore it. The background looks better in person than in the icon, though; in the icon it looks a little like pastel swirls instead of what it is (thick semi-glossy paper made either for decorative purposes or gift-wrapping). I also have a drawing of a sixteen-year old Eiri being comforted by Tohma and some other stuff from her.

Posted by: onnas_baka_gaki (onnas_baka_gaki)
Posted at: September 22nd, 2009 04:46 am (UTC)
Hands - Shuichi and Eiri

It's a sweet icon. Looks like Shu did some wall decorating while Eiri wasn't looking! LOL!

Would love to see more of bitterfig's stuff!

Posted by: lawless (lawless523)
Posted at: September 22nd, 2009 11:43 am (UTC)
eiri and shuichi - bitterfig

The background is rather late 60s psychedelic, isn't it? The color palette reminds me of Lily Pulitzer's fashions. It probably is a little loud for Eiri; even though he likes modern abstract art, it seems like he prefers neutral or primary colors.

Fig said she might do some more Gravitation art once she's back in New York and settled. Although we're decades apart agewise, she grew up not that far away from me in a more rural area of upstate New York and went to the same college as one of my high school friends.

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