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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

Arrival: Smart Doll Crimson Kai

February 12th, 2018 (02:07 am)

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The only way I was able to afford a Smart Doll was to go through Fabric Friends' layaway plan. It took six months to pay off everything and then he kept being delayed by USPS even though he was shipped priority. Anyway, here are the few arrival pics I took with the phone camera.

Smart Dolls come in a bag, for those who have not been interested in them enough to watch YouTube videos.


The dolls come kneeling in the bag. The other side of the bag had his fullset outfit, which rested on his legs. I was already excited because the tea vinyl looked so pretty, even in the bubblewrap!


It is easy to remove their heads compared to Obitsu. I adjusted the right eye because it was looking to the left a little bit. Nice sprayed faceup! I was worried I would not bond with him but it was a quick bond with a sexy man.


I got him to pose (very squeaky) and his smoldering look got me hooked. I was looking at a sexy beast.


Such a hunk! It is currently up-in-the-air about him being turned into a young a/u Zoro from One Piece. He has the muscle torso so he has the young build Zoro would have before getting cut by Mihawk. I really do not want to scar his chest. If I could find a tan body suit I would stitch the scar on it.


The Smart Doll Facebook group did a challenge called PointyFingers. SmD boys do not come with single-digit pointers so those with boy dolls do it with the two finger point hands. I bought the only hand set CJ offered long before SB arrived home.


Another challenge: MessyHair. Sexy Beast is really pulling off the Sexy in this pic!


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