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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

Chikara's Arrival Part One: Box Opening

July 9th, 2006 (05:30 pm)

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Well, while Chikara is having his face redone back in China, I figured I would go ahead and post his arrival photos. This will be a very photo-intensive...

I picked up this box at the post office on the way to work and as I drove to the office, I kept hearing thumps from inside the box, sometimes in rhythm with the music on the radio.
The pretty DollZone box. I was hearing scratching as well as thumping by now.
The closeup of the box.
Once again, no nice duffle bag like I got with Shuichi, just a mummy that wiggled around like a catapiller and made muffled mumbling sounds.
Excellent! I requested the grey/white wig and that is what was sent!
I undid the tie and there he was! He was being a little sluggish in his movements, his arm slowly moving across his body. I heard some words about paws and tails from the bubblewrapped head.
His legs were trying to get out of the secure bubblewrap around - he was trying to kick but he was quite secure.
I finally concentrated on his bubblewrapped face and saw the eyes blinking at me. His arm rose again and he shook it at me, letting me know he wanted to be free. I decided it was time for some unwrapping.
He flexed his wrists and hands and took a deep breath.

C: I have hands, not paws! Lookie - I have THUMBS now! The transformation worked! I can OPEN things now - WHEE!!!
He finally noticed me. His hazel eyes looked up at me.

C: Are you the one who was playing that classic rock and roll I heard earlier?

o: Yes, you were in my car - you heard the radio.

C: Can I listen to some now?

o: No, we are at work at the moment - maybe later. Say, have you been playing in the mud? Your face looks dirty!

C: What's it to you?
He started stretching and compressing his body. I loved seeing his flexibility.

o: *yawns* What's it to me? Well, you will be living with me now and if you like to play in the mud, I need to know so I can protect the carpets.

C: I like to play and explore. You have a problem with that?

o: No, no problem at all, as long as you keep out of places you shouldn't go.

C: I go where I please. I walk by myself. If I see it, it's mine.
He wiggled around on the pillows a little more, stretching and posing.

o: How cat-like.

C: *blinks* You knew I was a feline-based polymorph?

o: It was obvious. I lived with cats for years. I recognize the attitude and body movements.
His hand reached up to touch his head.

C: Hey! Where's my hair! My hair is gone! I NEED my hair! Wah! Hair! Hair!

I pulled the wig out of the baggie and slipped it on his head, smoothing it over his skull.

o: Calm down, brat. Here is your hair. Feel better now?

C: *sniffs indignantly* I am always calm.

o: Riiight.... So, what's your name, brat?

C: Chikara. It means...

o: Muscular power, physical strength, force, might.

C: *blinks* How did you know?

o: I have my ways. Now, it's time to get some clothes on you. I cannot have you sitting around naked in front of my officemate or the students. *digs around in bag* I have a few underwear choices for you. How about these?

C: You're joking, right?

o: They were a free gift, along with matching socks. Not your style?

C: *glares and doesn't speak*

o: Then how about these?

C: *still glares and doesn't speak*

o: Okay, I have one more pair. These will have to do.
C: *sighs melodramatically* White is boooooring, but at least it's masculine. *wiggles into the briefs*

Chikara finally decides to stand up.

C: *looks down at white undies* Ta Da! I have clothes on! Clothes, clothes, clothes!

C: *holds out arms* I am soooo cute! Yes, I am! Yes, I am! I am going to conquer this hot place with my cuteness!

o: I have something else for you. *rummages around in bag*

o: *puts necklace on the brat's neck* Here's a little something for you to wear until I am able to make something specific for you.

C: *starts wiggling and chanting* I have a pretty! A pretty, a pretty!

I had to admit - Chikara was pretty damned adorable, waving his hands around and chanting, even with his dirty face.

o: It's time for you to cover up more. *pulls more stuff out of the bag*

o: *hands over clothing* You have a choice: the cotton yukata or the silk kimono.

C: I wanna wear both!

o: 'Choice' means one or the other, not both kimono.

C: I wanna wear both!

o: If you do not pick one, I will pick for you.

C: *sigh* Okaayyyyy.... I pick the silk one...

o: Fine - let me help you get into it.
As soon as he got his arms into the kimono, Chikara got away from me and started dancing around. (note: he is not being supported in any way here - his balance was this good, right out of the box!)

C: Wheeeeee! It moves around me so well and it feels good on! Yay!

o: I'm not done getting it on you yet.

C: It's fun!

o: You really need to stop flashing the students with your tidy whitie willie...
I was finally able to get him to stop long enough so I could tie on the obi.

C: You tied it around my waist so it's closed. Can I still move?

o: Sure, just try it.

C: I can kneel and all so I guess it's okay.

o: I have one more thing for you to try on...
o: You know, it's strange this white wig doesn't look good on you. Your default photo showed you in a white wig.

C: Don't like it!

o: I agree - the grey/white one looks much better on you.

o: Okay, this is much better. Now I need to get to work.

C: I wanna come along!

o: Maybe...

Be on the lookout for part two - when Chikara 'helps' me in the computer labs. Until then, thank you for looking!

EDIT: Link to Part Two.


Posted by: Details are my bitch. Pant for me bitches. (talonsage)
Posted at: July 12th, 2006 03:32 am (UTC)
lil lecher


I can't wait 'till his head comes back hooooome!!

*pouts* I miss Chikara...

Posted by: onnas_baka_gaki (onnas_baka_gaki)
Posted at: July 12th, 2006 09:09 pm (UTC)
Shuichi looks out the window

I cannot wait, either.

Doing these have helped a lot! I am SLOWLY getting to Part Two. Be watching!

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