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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

Saturday, January 30th - Moving Day #1

February 6th, 2010 (11:51 am)

This is a long entry so it's behind ye olde cutte.

The blessings we received last Saturday were massive, amazing and overwhelming in their bountiful gifts. I thank and praise God for these people. I won’t be able to keep everything in order of ‘appearance’ so please forgive me. I’m also not going to do any lj name links since it’s a pain to put them in and this has taken too long to write.

If I missed someone, I’m really sorry, but I’ve done the best I can with my faulty memory. I suspect more people showed up while I was resting so please let me know if you helped and I will gladly add you and THANK YOU for being there and helping us.


As soon as I woke up, my good laptop was attacked by the malware trojan that disables Malwarebytes and throws porno and Viagra web pages up while it says I have all these problems. I freaked because I was trying to organize the nice people coming to help us, but then I realized I had a Win98 laptop I could use and got that up and running.

The first thing Saturday morning at 9am, alicechan and her mom and sister showed up and immediately tackled moving the kitchen’s contents from one apt to the next. They have repacked the cabinets even better than how I had! Then they cleaned the kitchen counters and cabinets in the old place beautifully. They were kitchen powerhouses. THANK YOU!

G, my ex-boss and friend, showed up and helped pull the kitchen together for a while, then used her power drill to take down all our metal wall shelving in two rooms. THANK YOU!

mel-mel-chan and sqish showed up after doing their morning errands and bringing FRESH HOT BREAD, and started doing their amazing job, as always (one or both came by to help every night that week!), and since they had helped pack things they were able to direct traffic, too. THANK YOU!

Kyrenea arrived and organized the hall closet move, since she had prep-stacked it, and got my hat racks off the wall and right back on the corresponding wall in the new place. I suspect she did MUCH more but I just didn’t witness it. Plus, she has orchestrated the redistribution of many of my hoarded items. THANK YOU!

Axeonos and her computer wizard husband J arrived (with brownies) and she sicced him on the malware while she did moving and cleaning. He was finally able to get it clean and it took until the next day to cycle through everything to get it completely up and running again. J also gave us some great advise about cheap apt air-conditioners and other housing things, like how we DIDN’T have Black Mold but the mold that was black under the sink was a TX mold that is very common here. THANK YOU!

Iris, keriko and grax arrived and boxes from the bedroom started moving in earnest, They lifted large heavy boxes of books with ease – I was flabbergasted. Then iris and keriko attacked the bedroom with serious cleaning while grax continued to carry things over to the storage room. THANK YOU!

dark_skada and BJ arrived and the manly men started the serious moving the rest of the boxes, furniture, etc. BJ is now our designated amazing handyman who took down the curtains we knew would be thrown away and put them up in our windows since the new place didn’t have them. He got the medicine cabinet up for us. He hooked up the washer/dryer for us. I know he did a lot of other things on Saturday, too. Skada had helped me do some organizing earlier that week so she kept people working when I was flagging. THANK YOU!

Chry arrived with a dolly and a great vacuum I didn’t get a chance to look at but it was bagless and was sucking up lots of crap. She also did some of the spackling with the spackle Keriko brought along. THANK YOU!

richila arrived with her husband and son in tow and the guys jumped in to move boxes/stuff while richila got my bathroom all organized and reshelved/redrawered. THANK YOU!

realroymustang arrived with sugar cookies in time for pizza lunch. She went off to do some work and she didn’t get any pizza but we fed her later that evening. THANK YOU!

Kyrenea had to leave but her husband D showed up right after she left and helped move and pack and stuff. THANK YOU!

We ordered five $10 large pizzas – two all meats, one supreme, one six-cheese and one veggie and they were fell upon and gobbled up by everyone. We should have ordered more – sorry, everyone! But we had called out and people had said that should be enough. I feel bad we didn’t FILL our workers up with food.

G said she counted 17 people at that time.

At some point Dreamz arrived to help and I saw him working on a lot of the wiring in rat’s computer area. rat says he helped pack up his bathroom, too. THANK YOU!

Finally I had to lie down and they pretty much hustled me off to rat and I’s ‘nest’ (sofa cushions made into a bed on the floor) in the new apartment and made me stay there and rest. Richila sat with me and held my hand as I wept with joy over all the love and help we were receiving. THANK YOU!

skada took over much of the organizing. I think mel and squish did, too, but I wasn’t around to witness much of the afternoon work. THANK YOU!

Lissmiss and her hubby J showed up in the afternoon while I was in bed being kept still and she brought me a doll to cuddle, then went off to do stuff. I don’t really know everything she did but I know J helped BJ hang the cranky curtain rods. THANK YOU!

By the end of the day, we were pretty much moved in, THANKS to these WONDERFUL people.