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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

EF this...

April 27th, 2011 (06:31 am)

I can't get a break from sleeping hours and hours at a time. I can't get anything done at night when need to concentrate on DollAKon stuff, which is due soon. As soon as I get home and relax the tiniest bit I am gone into the dead zone. I doubt I am going to meet the deadline but I can turn in what I have.

Had a migraine today and couldn't work on it because I couldn't think. Did some mindless things before passing out for hours and hours.

Main doctor appointment in a few weeks.

Phone and camera acting up and new (expensive) meds to try and rainy/damp weather so no MSC spraying to try some faceup stuff.

GAH! What's wrong with me?

Wig I want to use for Matcha came and it's real fur. The leather cap is not turned in so the leather edge is VERY visible. I need leather glue to turn over the edge along the front but I gave all my glues away in a fit of 'stuff dumping' during the move last year. I can't even find a tiny bottle of white glue -only rat's new bottle of wood glue. Not even going to try that on it.