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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

pre-ren faire drama

May 8th, 2011 (09:05 am)

The brats are arguing about who gets to go to Scarborough.

Chikara wants to wear blue woad and run around naked.

I told him "No..." so now he's pouting. I suspect I will find spit 'art' on a wall when we get home.

The biggest surprise is Soy, and without Sake. I think he wants to hunt.

Garnet and Lani are wearing their faire dresses and shooting daggers at me, daring me to not take them. Talon doesn't want to go if they go.

I don't know if I want to walk around with the doll carrier in 90+ heat.


Posted by: jaded old fox (toshirodragon)
Posted at: May 8th, 2011 07:34 pm (UTC)

My three medieval boys are dying of jealousy.

I was sick during our Ren Faire and then want to go show of their new cottes, boots and rosaries.

If you see cthulhu, give her a hug from SaiChen

Posted by: onnas_baka_gaki (onnas_baka_gaki)
Posted at: May 9th, 2011 12:46 pm (UTC)
Glomp! - Ki and Chi

cthulhu threw a doll tea party for us!

I ended up taking Garnet, Lani and Talon. Talon jumped out of the basket at one point and threw off his ears and one hand but we retrieved all his parts. The hand gone at least five feet!

Posted by: jaded old fox (toshirodragon)
Posted at: May 9th, 2011 03:18 pm (UTC)

Oh man, I wish I could have been there.

Goodness Talon, just a wee excited were you?

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