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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

July 4th, 2011 (02:13 am)

Great times with iris and grax on Saturday. Had Pho, went to the craft store to get crochet thread, took Jinn with me so his magnet feet could stick on things, hung out and talked/worked on patterns, guys watched physics and pr0n on the computer, had Italian, did more crochet, watched anime then realized it was after pumpkin time.

Finally finished an appropriate cat hat for Rusty. Added button eyes tonight.

Vejiita got his new eyes and they're definitely not black enough. Still, they look good in his noggin. Now he REALLY needs a stand-up fur wig and his unitard with armour and boots.

Currently crocheting a teeny tiny dress (think Kelly, Barbie's little sister-sized) in this beautiful variegated thread and having to change the pattern to work on a cat doll. Thistle seems to be swinging toward female.
My Camellia Dynasty Wong is sitting at the post office. I think his/her name is Obsidian, probably Sin for show. Thought it was appropriate. About time for it to show up!