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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

10/2/09: Taeyang Arrival: Taeyu and Taeshu

July 7th, 2011 (01:33 am)

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10/2/09 Taeyang Arrival: Taeyu and Taeshu

I didn't have their names at the time I opened the box. I would have gotten these out sooner but RL hell broke loose a few months after they arrived and only now have I been able to get on my shaky feet to get things done like post photos. I'm not doing it in any arrival order, either.

Anyway, on to the photos:

Never had a Pullip box delivered to my house before!

More behind the cut:

Clothes that ended up not fitting the guys so I gave them to skada.

Top of boxes!

Taeyang Andrew, who will be my Taeyang version of Yuki Eiri after his eye chips are replaced with yellow ones.

Taeyang Rayne, who will be my Taeyang version of Shindo Shuichi after replacing wig and eye chips. I'm liking the wig, though... The Rayne is an anime character from NeoAngelique Abyss.

Check out the warnings!

Direction sheet.

Time to start playing with the very different body from a strung resin one.

Eye mech.

Confirming the lack of 'junk', poor thing!

Nice abs!

Cute Tootsies!

The ridiculous amount of wiring and tape strapping in the Rayne. This took a while to undo.

Poor Rayne is liberally wrapped in plastic UNDER his clothes. This took time to free him.

The guys are finally free and already eyeing each other!

Immediately into a cuddle.

Headshots of the pair at different angles to watch their eyes.

Holding on so tightly they only need one stand!

First kiss!

Working with their hands.

More later when they're in their updated looks!