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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]


August 11th, 2011 (02:37 am)

current mood: lazy

Camellia Dynasty refunded the faceup price for my Wong since the paint is coming off so easily. Obsidian (Sin) will need to be touched up and I think I will seal the paint/pencils with paint-on flat sealant since I don't want to take the kitty apart. I found an online source. Now I need to buy it.

Fox should probably be mailed out Thursday (today). Who knows how quickly the little vulpus will take to get home. I would really like him/her home by Saturday so I have the weekend to bond with him/her.

Finished putting the edge and tiny buttons on Thistle's crochet dress. Now I need to give her a faceup and try to figure out how to make crochet bloomers to go with the dress.

Working on some crochet prototypes and trying lots of different things. Also need to draw up a logo and do a website.

Work is hell since the old semester is ending Thursday, August Term starts Monday and when that's over, Fall semester begins.

Losing so many days last month due to illness didn't help me at all but my body is really fucked up at the moment - the flare doesn't want to leave and it's making my head spike. Now that I know what is causing all these problems, I just blow it off, but it takes SO MUCH LONGER to start the day now. And it makes me tired again. Seeing the rheumo later today and will complain about the pain in my feet.

I also have to find something for an upcoming wedding. Last wedding we attended was m & l's and it was also bjd-friendly.