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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

Ayuma is here!

September 11th, 2011 (03:20 am)

rat picked him up at the post office since I was asleep.

Name? Fingal "Finn" MacDougal. Goes by Finn. I don't remember if he has a middle name. He should since he's a little Scot like Nigel.

He's adorable. Photos eventually. I took quite a few. Lots of problems with friendship at the moment, as the little boys work through emotions about having a new little boy added to the Crew. Two are happy about it and two are upset their friends are giving the new boy attention.

While I like the dark brown Ayuma default eyes, they seemed too large so I'm trying different sizes. Maybe I need to look into some 16mm dark brown glass eyes at some point. I put Butters' blue glass eyes in him and they looked good but too 'normal' and boring. They went great with his colouring but they needed to pop more, hence using a pair of 18mm glass bright teal eyes. What's weird is they look okay in size, probably because they're lighter.

14mms make him look more intelligent but I don't have any in 14mm glass. One thing I've discovered is Volks dolls look vapid in acrylics. Something about the way the light shining on plastic gives them an even more glazed-over look than usual.

Purchased some fur wigs for him as well as Jita. Finn really needs a light brown wig like the default in the photo but the seller couldn't locate it so she sent another Volks wig instead. It's long and silvery blond and Garnet WANTS it so I'm looking for something for Finn. I've considered getting Nigel's default wig out but I think Finn needs something lighter. I got some light and medium brown fur on the way but I suspect Finn may be a fiber kind of guy. And there's a chance the deep turquoise fiber wig I ordered in a GO may be Finn's wig. Or Garnet will steal that one, too... *sigh*

Since I found a chibi Vejiita, my prior chibi Vejiita (Hujoo Jake) has been changed to Jita, another version of Vejiita. The black fur wig from beachgirlnikita is black and spiky so it should work for him well.

I still want a Luts Bory to be another Vejiita, though...