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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

Meetup: Trip to Kerbey Lane Doll Shoppe, Austin TX, 12/27/11

I FINALLY got to Kerbey Lane Doll Shoppe in Austin, TX, after wanting to go for the last few years and never making it or it was closed when we were in Austin. mel_mel_chan drove, I dragged rat with us (with a promise of kolaches in West, TX) and dark_skada got to come along at the last minute.

Rochelle was kind enough to open the shop just for us that day and we had a blast digging around in all the resale tubs, talking dolls, looking at all the pretty Volks dolls she brought to the 'meetup' and had on display for sale, talking about how the store came to be a Volks distributor and lots of laughs.

Here are the photos, with most under a cut so you aren't bombarded with them.

The party on the back table.

Rochelle's DDD (pale blond) really intrigued me. I loved her face and started my brain spinning about getting one, something I don't need even if she would be lighter than my big boys.

Ayuma v3 next to my v2 Finn.

The girl tempts me so!