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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

Waiting and Wishing...

January 17th, 2012 (02:20 am)

current mood: okay

Waiting and Wishing

Waiting for:

1. My Mushroom Peddler Flicker the Dragon, ordered 12/28/11. I don't expect that one for at least three months since it is a small company and I asked for a custom paint job. "Please allow at least six to twelve weeks for the dolls to be created as each one is handmade to order."

2. My adopted Pukifee Ante, who STILL shows sitting at the LA airport since 1/12/12.

3. My Dollzone Moon Dragon boy, ordered 1/11/12 through Featherfall. I don't expect to see that doll for months and months, what with ordering him through a dealer (who will send in a group order) and dealing with Chinese New Year, which lasts two weeks.


After losing the purple Mei, I almost ordered a Mei with the mature body at Resinsoul but it cost more at their site than trying to have Junkyspot order her. I missed the order deadline on the board but put a request in for a purple one anyway. Emory is gone for a week on RL business (not doll business) so I don't know if he has already put in the order yet. If he has, I will just wait for the next go-round.