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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

Chikara's Arrival Part 4 - Meeting the Other Family Members

August 13th, 2006 (04:15 pm)

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Part One of Chikara's Arrival got him out of the box and dressed. Part Two had him 'helping' me in the classroom computer labs. Part Three showed the little monster terrorizing my desk in my office. Now it was time to take him home and introduce him to Shuichi and Hatori...

The first thing we did when we got home was try on another wig, just to confirm the grey and white one would be his default.

C: Are you sure about this? I feel 'strange' in this one.

o: Strike a pose for the camera, please.

C: I think this is silly.

o: Just one more, please.
C: *big sigh* Okay...

o: Well, I have to agree with you - this wig is going to have to be used elsewhere with someone different. Your default is so much better.

C: Told ya!

I took off the wig and once again noticed the definite colour difference between his face, back of his head and body.
o: Turn to the side for a moment, please.

C: What - without my hair?

o: Yes, I just need a comparison shot in case I need it for the future.

C: Fine, but just ONE shot and we're done, right?

o: Deal.

After the shot I slapped his default wig back on.

C: MUCH betta! I feel pretty again! Yay!

o: Okay, now a few mug shots so I can add your face to the doll icon for DoA - are you ready!

C: Yeah! Yeah!

o: Tilt your head a little back, please!

C: Can do!

o: Now, turn your head the other way and keep your chin up

C: Fine.

o: One more, chin down a little.

C: Okay...

o: That's it!

C: Hey! What those noises? Sounds like a battle going on!

o: It's probably rat playing Final Fantasy 6 in the other...

Before I could grab him, Chikara was off and running down the hall to the media/computer room.
I found him planted in front of the TV, cheering on the fighting.

C: Go, Moogle, go! Do that dance!

C: Ch! That human Strago is SUCH a weak human! Why do you use him at all? He is so NOT a good magic user!

rat: Well, right now, I am just trying to level him up so he DOES become stronger. That's why I am fighting so much and not continuing the adventure.

C: I suppose that makes sense... Carry on, then! Ooh! Magic sparklies! Do it again! Do it again!

o: Would like to continue watching this, or would you like to meet your new roomies?

C: Well, that's a tough choice...

o: And you're a tough guy. Shall we? rat will still be playing if you decide to come back and watch after you meet the others.

C: Okay...

rat: Nice to meet you, Chikara!

We started walking down the hall to the guys' room. I had to admit, Chikara was a live wire compared even to hyperactive Shuichi. It was going to be an interesting meeting...
We came upon Hatori and Shuichi, enjoying some relaxing time together. Chikara immediately disappeared from my side and I did not see him anywhere. Uh oh...

S: Buzz buzz buzz, goes the busy bumble bear,

Buzz buzz buzz, how he works without a care...

H: Let's see, if I click this, the dragon will attack that...
H: And if I click this, the dragon will eat the gem and keep it from the mad wizard...
S: Hop hop hop comes the bunny who is all pink,

Hop hop hop who then asks about a drink...

H: Shuichi-kun, it is difficult to concentrate on this game with you singing in my ear...

S: Sorry, Ha-san! I forget sometimes... Eiri gripes at me for being noisy, too...

H: I am not griping; I am asking you to keep the decibel level down just a little, please, okay?

C: OI!!!

H: YAH! What the????..

S: AHHHHH!!!!! Ack!

C: *giggles*

H: I think my heart stopped for a few seconds...

S: Are you okay, Ha-san?

H: Yeah, but that is not the big question at the moment, is it? *crawls off Shuichi*

C: I am called Chikara - it means power. I am to live here with you for a while.

H: ...

S: ...

Both Hatori and Shuichi looked a little stunned initially. This little non-human creature was going to live with them?
I listened to Chikara prattle on about his office visit and the things he had done there.
I was a bit surprised - after the trepidation I had heard in his voice earlier, Chikara was not acting shy at all around the new people. He had even crawled up on the sofa and sat perched on the arm, chattering away. Shuichi looked like he was about ready to grab the little stinker and hug him until he could not breathe while Hatori listened politely but did not give away any unnecessary signals with his body language.
C: ..and then onna would not let me eat all the crackers in the package! I could have eaten them all - I am powerful!

H: I do not think having power was on onna's mind. She probably wanted to make sure you didn't vomit all over the office.

S: It's true! I ate too much strawberry Pocky once, hurled all over the place and Eiri got really mad, complaining on how I had stained the curtains pink with my barf!

H: Shu-kun, sometimes you go a little too far with your explanations...

S: Sorry, Ha-san! Now, Chikara, it is not nice to sneak up on someone whose back is turned, now is it?

C: But it looks so soft - not like my hair! I just want to touch it a little! PLEEASSSEE?

H: Here..., touch these instead. *shoves Shu's bunny and bee bear into Chikara's hands*

C: What are these? *sniffs them*

o: *clears throat* Ahem... Is everything okay here? Are you three settling in okay?

C: I'm having fun!

H: *mumbles* onna, we need to talk, and soon...

S: Everything is great! Chikara is so CUUUUTE!!!

I decided to leave for a while and let them sort things out.

A few hours later, I came back and found them relaxing on the couch and watching some anime on TV.
Poor Hatori looked worn-out after dealing with two energetic loons and was even putting up with Shuichi holding him. Chikara looked happy, which was good. Shuichi had an almost parental look about him - it was scary to think of him that way.

I suspect the household will have a lot more "See no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil" happening, now that Chikara is here...

And that's the end of Chikara's Arrival! I have appreciated you taking the time to look at my photos - thank you!


Posted by: like jazz on a summer's day (thrives)
Posted at: August 13th, 2006 09:42 pm (UTC)
Miki might kill you.

I giggled so much at this. The cute dialogue killed me ♥ and we know how I feel about Megi. :D

Posted by: onnas_baka_gaki (onnas_baka_gaki)
Posted at: August 13th, 2006 11:33 pm (UTC)
Shuichi Sultry

You really want a Megi - I know you do...

Posted by: like jazz on a summer's day (thrives)
Posted at: August 14th, 2006 12:49 pm (UTC)

Gaaaaaaaah it's true. I also meant to say CHIKARA, but you know D: I...do...really...want...one ~_~ his posing is so awesome and his face and ;lgahgjkdsf;lajagf

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