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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

Pixiu is here

February 7th, 2012 (07:07 pm)

current mood: busy

My lilac RS Pixiu is here.

No body blushing as pictured on the RS site. Emory did not realize that and the RS page has no body blushing option. He may or may not look into it.

It is a blessing to a degree. I was going to repaint the claws some pale colour over the black shown in the photos so now I have a blank canvas to work with instead.

Had to tighten him up A LOT! He stands better but I think he could probably use slightly thicker elastic in the legs to stabilize him.

Nickname is 'critter'. Real name is Zephyrus, or Zephyr.

Eyes must be half-dome or the S hook gets in the way. I wish I knew how to cut off glass eye stems. I popped the stem backs off some acrylic 'sharingun-ish' eyes I got free from Dollmore so he's wearing red at the moment.

He also needs a wig of some kind and I am still searching for something. Currently wearing one of dhawk's prototype wigs which looks great on him but I think the final choice will happen when the DZ Moon arrives and I see how to paint him to complement her AND the Mushroom Peddler Flicker mini dragon, whenever he arrives.