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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

name dump for Lig

March 13th, 2012 (05:12 am)

Name dump post for Lig the Fig. Argh - I suspect Fig will be a nickname already. And after I thought of fig I thought of Pistachio as a name for a pale green elf. Yeah, falls yet again into the food theme...

This post will be updated as more names come trickling in.


Turkish: Turla

river forming part of the border between Ukraine and Moldova.

v. range

n. tour, round, rounder, circuit, lap

n. type, sort, kind, variety, species, genus, breed, class, genre, ilk, persuasion, race, sort of, strain, stripe

Romanian: Turla

Translation: Spire

The Name Keilon is both a boy and girl's name.
The name Keilon or slight variations of Keilon are seen in the origins Celtic/Gaelic, Irish, Gaelic, English, Chinese

Meanings and Origins of the Name Keilon.

Celtic/Gaelic,Irish,Gaelic Meanings of Keilon (Male)- Fair and slender
English Meanings of Keilon (Male)- From the handsome pool.
Chinese Meanings of Keilon (Male)- Little dragon
Celtic/Gaelic,Irish,Gaelic Meanings of Keilon (Female)- Fair and slender

Keilon has the following similar or variant Names: Kealan Kealen Kealin Kealon Kealyn Keelen Keelin Keelon Keelun Keelyn Keilan Keilen Keilin Keilon Keilyn Keylan Keylen Keylin Keylon Keylyn Keelan