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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

General Update

The Mushroom Peddler Anthro Painting workshop was AWESOME! I learned SO MUCH! All that intense colour she achieves with her animals is not done with acrylics like I thought but with PASTEL!

She uses Pan Pastels, so now I am going save up to buy a bunch for my kit. First I need 'animal' colours, then I will branch out into fantasy colours.

She also 'scrubs' the pastels on with somewhat stiff brushes so I will be looking for some soon.

Another interesting fact - she paints the dolls strung! She does the head's base colour first, sprays it, the arms and body base coat next, spray, then the legs and any tail base coat, sprays. Then she does it all over again with the second colour, third colour, etc.

Because I purchased two dragons (the one I bought in December and another for the workshop), Sarah gave me a little dress for the one I painted, since she definitely is a girl.

In other news, Kerbey Lane says the Kyoto 9 dolls are in and the Megu is beautiful! I expect my little yukionna to show up by the end of the month.

I also won the lottery for the Kyoto 9 MSD boy Steampunk outfit! Now Sage will have another nice Volks outfit to wear. I am spoiling that boy!

Next I need to make a trip to Baubles and Frills in Denton for some nice jeans for Sage and Vejii-chan and maybe the unnamed Lig (Chikara REFUSES to share the one MSD pair), but that's in the future. First I need to get the info for a final bill and purchase at least one of the larger Mushroom Peddler's dragons, probably two.