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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

DZ GuoGuo home

November 13th, 2012 (03:15 pm)

My blank DZ GuoGuo is sitting with me at work (picked her up before work). She came with pale blue eyes that match the pale blue dress I grabbed so she wouldn't be nekkie. What is it with doll companies suddenly sending me blue eyes - the colour I like the least for my Crew?

For a DZ white doll she has the palest pinkish-cream resin. The official DZ photos don't show it but she has little fuzzy tufts inside her ears. I thought she was going to be a demon child with lots of tribal markings and it looks like she wants to be some kind of fawn or sheep or other critter. I am going to see if I can convince her she can be both...

FYI: GuoGuo has the Doll Chateau body. Never say never - never thought I would have a doll with a DC-type body.

I think her name is Seckel, after the pear, since she is pear-shaped in the body. And since seckels are olive green with a deep maroon blush that might cover the whole fruit, I think making her seckel-coloured with the faceup will be appropriate.