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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

Such Goings-On in the Waiting Department!

July 1st, 2013 (12:58 am)

current location: on the floor, Shuichi beside me
current mood: sore
current song: old Japanese movie on TCM

The Doll Leaves order from Alice's Collections (a Fay fullset for me, a 70cm male body with a Noir head for Axe and clothes/eyes to get us free shipping) is currently at the Japan airport. It will take a few days there, then to Singapore, then back to China, then on to the US. Eventually it will arrive here.

Alice's Collections says my Souldoll Maya (discontinued 5/15) will probably take four months so I'm not holding my breath on her.

Two Mint on Card orders are pending: a Xagadoll Kimi (order sent to company 4/2 so I expect some notice within the next month or so) and a Dikadoll grey MianMian (order sent to company 5/28 so I don't expect the kitty for a long time).

A lady in the Netherlands wanted the Luts Bory Centaur but not the fantasy head so I joined the split with her. When I decided I wanted a body for him instead of him sharing with Vejii-chan, she had another split already going - this time wanting the doll head and not the body - so I got the body. This guy is going to cost more than usual since it will go to the Netherlands first and may get stuck in Customs, then I will have to pay shipping again to get him here, but that's okay.

I knew I shouldn't have stayed on the Luts site after checking my cards.

I am a big fan of reindeer. I didn't get the Puki reindeer because I didn't particularly like the face and just having antlers doesn't really cut it after having such a cute DZ deer boy with Blitz. I have been looking for a tiny reindeer anthro - one with a deer face over a human body with furry hoofed legs/feet.

Luts was evil and had an event one so I snuck in on the end of the event time to buy a tan Zuzu Delf Nor Sprite, the Nomadic deer. I also bought some Luts clothes for him so he would have more than just the nomad outfit, cool as it is for him to wear much of the time.

Hurray for another tiny warrior in the Crew!

He looks like he could be a child of Sake and Soy with his colouring/hair, but definitely a different animal - an elf wolf, not a reindeer.

I wanted the wolf, too, but decided I needed to save money for the tiny centaur Luts will release in the future.