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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]


My Dikadoll MianMian arrived today while I was sick at home.

I'm picking up my Nano Freyas and an adopted Lady Saiyuki Ted at the post office before work.

My Luts Zuzu Delf Noir is on his way.

Three Volks Dollfie Pluses have been ordered and should be here by next week.

Still waiting on my Xagadoll Kimi.

At some point I will have a Kid Delf Centaur Bory on a human body home.

Ordered a Tiny Delf Kai centaur...


Posted by: lawless (lawless523)
Posted at: September 18th, 2013 11:24 am (UTC)
gravitation: eiri from megamix

I'll bite: How many dolls do you have, and how many will you have once all of the new ones arrive?

Hang in there, btw!

Posted by: onnas_baka_gaki (onnas_baka_gaki)
Posted at: September 22nd, 2013 12:42 am (UTC)

I think it's 126, including the ABS and vinyl but not including the floating heads.

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