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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]


February 4th, 2015 (01:49 pm)

Second payment on the A-Line Muscular body done. Just one more to go and Nightshade will either get it or keep the one he is on and Orkney gets the new one.

I want the latest Dollzone event doll and rat has said okay. Money is still a problem. I REALLY need new trainers and my feet are so fickle I have to try on shoes and walk in them around the store, testing for seams. Yes, I can feel the seams and they rub blisters within five minutes.

The Valentine's party is this weekend and I hope one of my friends decides she wants to buy my Xagadoll Kimi.

I wish I was not so exhausted when I get home. I want to sell things at the Sales Meetup and I need to take inventory of my crochet doll hats/scarves AND the dolls I will take in hopes to sell. I will be happy to enter a layaway contract with the person, too.