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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

DollAKon Prep - 1/6 Obitsu

May 30th, 2015 (12:34 am)

Had the energy after work to do the video on how to spray MSC on vinyl 1/6 Obitsu heads with rooted hair. My respirator mask is failing - I can smell the toxic fumes. Time to buy another since they are so cheap and the new filters cost more than a new mask. Thought my rambling sucked (no script) but when I played back the vids I thought they were okay after all. Will still need to get some royalty-free music to help the transitions/edits. Will clear the final product with the DollAKon managers and they will decide on whether or not to post it on their site. I will still post it on YouTube because some people do not realize how easy it is to work with rooted haired heads.

Next video will be the decal eye process from start to finish. I need to slap some paint and blush on the faces prior to the shoot. Too much to do and not enough spoons.

Got bitten repeatedly by mosquitoes. Did not even think about taking garlic yet but the daily rain is causing swarms to fly up and feast on everyone.