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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

Latest Chaos Crew 'Family' Shot [Iplehouse/Dollshe/Orientdoll/Dollzone/Dollmore]

With the wildflowers in bloom, it was too tempting not to herd the Crew over to the Civic Center and take some photos in the shade.
Here is one, with a little Photoshop enhancement...

From left to right:
Shuichi - Iplehouse Soo Ri
Trans - Dollshe Hound
Kane - Dollzone Recall
chibi Eiri - Dollmore Elf Elly Banji
chibi Shuichi - Dollmore Elf Elly Lime
Hatori - Orientdoll Tae
Chikara - Dollzone Megi
Bodkin - Orientdoll winged vampire Ye
Nasake - Dollzone Mo
Thanks for taking a gander at my stinky guys!