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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

from 2013: Anthros and Beasties

From 2013: Jane asked to see the two kitties on the left compared to Talon and other anthros and beasties so I took this photo.

Left to Right:
Obsidian: Camellia Dynasty Wong (black)
Lotus: Hujoo WS Persian Dorothy
Vulpes Slick Kantner: DZ tan Fox (V1)
Poi Popoki: Pipos grey Ringo kitten
Stormageddon (Gedd): Doll Factory WS brown Conie
Thistle: IoS Lulu Cat Purple
Butters: Pipos Jr Pi cream Robin
Takeo Tanjiro (Talon): FL NS Puki Pukisha LE Blue Baby
Peretta: Doll Leaves WS Sleeping Jax Event Bunny