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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

Chikara's Birthday and misc

October 31st, 2006 (06:40 am)

Today is the day I designated as Chikara's birthday.

Too bad I cannot do a big production for the little guy today. I have some pressing RL matters to take care of for the rest of the week. Maybe I can do a little something this coming weekend for him. I have a little idea percolating but it is nothing like Shu's birthday production back in April.

OD told me to mail the outfit and wig back and they would pay for shipping, then send out the correct outfit for the little vampire girl.

I also need to mail out the pink leopard hightop shoes to the girl in England.

Also need to a lot of RL stuff done before the weekend gets here.

And I am still REALLY tired from the trip. My body aches a lot, too.

I took both Trans and the vamp girl to the office yesterday to show them to the ex-boss and a few others.

I should go ahead and post the vamp's arrival photos...

Happy Halloween, resin friends!


Posted by: Eidolon Tree (eidolontree)
Posted at: November 1st, 2006 03:13 am (UTC)

Ah, man. OD sent the wrong outfit and wig? I'm glad, at least, that all these little fux0rs are getting done and over with before Christmas.

Bop Chikara on the head for me, and Happy Halloween right back at you.

Posted by: onnas_baka_gaki (onnas_baka_gaki)
Posted at: November 1st, 2006 03:58 am (UTC)

Yep, that yellow bunny outfit from the Special Ji v2, not the red outfit from the Special Vampire Ji v2 is the one they sent me. Photos are up now.

Consider Chikara's head bopped as a birthday pressie from you! *laughs*

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