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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]


May 4th, 2006 (07:46 am)

current mood: groggy

It has been interesting seeing how getting involved with the doll community has sparked old creative and craft desires I have not touched in years. I have been busy doing web work and actual drawing for the past few years and not doing any handicrafts at all. Craft handwork has been a little refreshing to dabble with again.

I actually pulled out all my beads and made two simple necklaces, one last night (using the crystals I got at the bead store last Sunday) and one the night before. Naturally, I don't have all the tools and supplies I really should have to do a professional job but I am not sweating it, and I am not going out to purchase a bunch of stuff to make the pieces more professional. Maybe if I decide to sell some on the Marketplace I will get some crimp beads and better clasps. For now I will just mess around.

I am also inclined to pull out the sewing machine to make some kimono/yukata. I did buy fabric to do this, after all.

I may post a photo later. Right now, Shuichi is in a nice double kimono and the necklace is hidden in the neckline. I haven't gotten around to photograph him in the new clothes so until I get that done and change his clothes, the photos will have to wait.