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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]


November 24th, 2006 (08:35 pm)

current mood: listless

I had hoped to get more shots of Shuichi during the Abilene trip but it didn't happen. rat did stop the car so I could take some prickly pear photos for a friend and I plopped Shu out there for a few.

At least he kept me sane while dealing with out-laws and other relatives. He helped me with my yarn as I crocheted in the corner and basically kept out of the way. I also didn't think it would be kosher to disappear outside and photograph Shu.

I regret the DZ photoshoot planned this weekend will probably not happen because unexpected family matters are eating up our time. Just because we are off for a few days doesn't mean we want to see you, you know! Sorry about that, mmc_ningyouai. But since you sound like you have 'the cold', you need to take care of yourself this weekend and not be outside fiddling with dolls.

I am frantically trying to crochet some kind of runner for Nasake to kneel on for the shoot. I also need to find a bunch more doodads that look like magic enhancements.

I am so fucking tired...