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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

December Meetup Photos - Part Two - Elf Elly Arrivals!

December 11th, 2006 (09:07 pm)

current mood: happy

We had picked up a bunch of packages at the post office on the way to the meetup so guess what happened that day?

I opened my Dollmore box at the meetup!

Everyone gathered around to share the opening!

Two little boxes!

I got a freebie!

I got a pair of wild confetti eyes (I will try them in Trans) and a tiny bear for my tiny guys.

Nice little pillow in a box! No, I didn't get a shot of the 'mummy' - I let EternalSerenity and the rest of the attendees take a lot of the usual arrival shots.

Here they are! My tiny Shuichi and Eiri (Gravitation) - I LOVE Eiri's faceup! It was a complete surprise Dollmore did this extra custom work!

It took forever to get some clothing on these bitties, then I decided it was time to get back to the other lovelies at the meetup.

Nasake decided to stop holding up the wall.

I found Chikara glomping River.

No, Chikara, River does not have anything for you to eat!

Royal thought Kuroku made a great pillow!

Shu-chan and Eiri-chan snuggle.

River gets his revenge and wrestles Chikara down.

Kuroku, Chikara and Tidus surround Royal. Chikara loves his new purple scarf from Kuroku and mel-mel-chan!

Brendon and Kyros look like they are having a man-to-man chat. Or they may just be talking football...

Hatori considers using his scarf to either gag or tie up Chikara...

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