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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

Story 01: The Buzz

March 28th, 2006 (07:29 am)

current mood: confused

Everyone was talking about the news:

AG girls talk

Moira: The Barbie clan just informed me about someone new coming to live here!
Josefina: The rabbit mob had their suspicions, too!
Samantha: What have you heard?
Addie: Someone from Korea, via Japan is on his way here! And yes, it's a boy!
Keiko: Now I will have someone keep my Japanese fresh - yay!

stuffed 01

BunnyGrey: What's all the chatter below us?
KittyGrey: Seems a new guy will be arriving soon!
Sheeps: We just returned from Scotland so we have been out of the loop!
LittleLion:: *yawns* I just woke up!

Image doujin01

Doujinshi: We know nothing - we are too busy spinning yaoi tales filled with sex and cones of light in crotches!


GooSheep: We always miss out when we vacation in Scotland.
RabbitFoot: That's what you get when you let your libido go wild.
Gunther: I bet he won't be able to dance to "Ryu, Ryu, Chiu" as well as me - let alone have great hair. *preens*
Mouse King: Don't bet on it - I have noticed lots of small packages coming in - and the Saiyajin tell me some wigs have been in those packages!

Hiei and Kurama

Hiei: We have noticed a lot of stuff being thrown away or put in bags labeled with people's names! Some boxes have been packed up, too.
Kurama: You would not believe all the stuff being moved out! What's gotten into the onna?

Uke Kuma Seme

SemeBear: Well, I have noticed onna eying our teeshirts!
Kumagoru: Yeah, like she is going to remove them for something or someone else!
UkeBear: Then we will be naked! Ack! And what makes you think I was looking at the 3rd Gravitation Remix compilation?

gravi plush

ShuPlushLarge: It will affect OUR fandom! Eiri! What are we going to do?
ShuPlushSmall: I am scared she won't love us anymore - Wahhh!
EiriPlushSmall: Shut UP, you noisy brat! *punch*
EiriPlushLarge: Why do you always jump to conclusions, you stupid idiots?

saijin, etc.

Saiyajin en masse: Yes! Lots of things have already come in! But nothing matches Vejiita's hair!
Saiyuki mass: Stuff like glasses, shoes and wigs!
Rudolph and Clarice: And some clothes and fabric!

All: What's the buzz! Tell us what is happening?