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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

Easter soon - clothing choices

March 29th, 2007 (01:16 pm)

current mood: exhausted

Hmm, Easter is a week from this coming Sunday so I guess I need to change the Chibs into something more appropriate for this meetup. I had hoped my vampire Ye would have been here by now but it looks like he won't be by the first meetup so I guess I will put one of his clothing sets (if it fits) on chibiGrump and listen to him yell at me a bit about it. *snerk*

I have a good idea what Shuichi is going to wear but still need to get his default wig out of the box. Hatori is dressed and shod. Still debating on Chikara. Nasake is kimono-ed and shod. Now I need to look at the tall boys more closely.

But not until after I teach tonight's class.

I did not take a doll with us to see "300" last night. My first choice would have been Shuichi, but he had no shoes on and his pants need to be pressed where I took out the hems so the pants are long enough - stupid Volks pants... We had to get something to eat prior to the movie so I did not have time to get someone who would have enjoyed the movie completely ready to go. Chikara had had an outing to Frys last Sunday so he could not go again this time, even though war and carnage is right up his alley - he loves it! I try to be fair with all the Crew about travels, even though Shuichi and Chikara are the ones who usually end up going the most places.