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onnas_baka_gaki [userpic]

Another Hatori Teaser Pic

May 20th, 2006 (12:14 am)

current mood: groggy

Here is Hatori in his kimono.


Posted by: like jazz on a summer's day (thrives)
Posted at: May 20th, 2006 01:16 pm (UTC)

OOOOH. n____n I like him a /lot/.

Posted by: 馬鹿やろー女 // バカヤロー女 (bakayaro_onna)
Posted at: May 20th, 2006 05:38 pm (UTC)
BJD Shuichi-need to rest

He's growing on me!

He is still quite squeaky in the joints. I need to try out his range-of-motion soon.

And I may have found him a suit - yay!

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